Religious Liberty

About Religious Liberty Ministry

Depending on the governmental system under which they live, Christians may enjoy varying degrees of religious freedom. At United African SDA Church, Religious Liberty is a service ministry, and our mission is to advocate religious freedom for all people. The goal of the Religious Liberty department of UASDA Church is to:

(1) Inform members of vital religious liberty issues that occur locally, nationally, and internationally;

(2) Provide advisory assistance to members and the community who are having difficulty with employers because of their religious beliefs and observance;

(3) Encourage members to be ambassadors for Christ and a voice for freedom for all people, no matter what their faith tradition is;

(4) Financially and prayerfully support Public Affairs & Religious Liberty (PARL) Organizations.

Upcoming Events

  1. Religious Liberty Awareness Sabbath: December 16, 2023.

Guest Speaker: Pastor David Montoya (Secretary/PARL Director of Texas Conference)

Afternoon interactive session with Pastor Montoya at 2:30pm after potluck.

2. Religious Liberty Week: 3rd week in January 2024 (01/20/2024).

Midweek, Vespers and Sabbath Services on 1/17/2024, 1/19/2024 and 1/20/2024 respectively.

Guest speakers for each day and potluck on Sabbath.


Contact & Leadership

Ministry Leader

Bro. Chijioke Onwudebe